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Mercury Head Dime (1943) Mercury Dimes, which neither depict the Greek god nor contain the chemical element were issued from 1916 to 1945. Franklin Silver Half Dollar (1963) No one foresaw the Mint ending production of the Franklin Silver Half Dollar after 1963. Kennedy's sudden assassination prompted his commemoration on all 50-cent pieces starting the following year. Morgan Silver Dollar (1889) Morgan dollars were first made in 1878, and stopped production in 1921. The value depends on certain rare dates and conditions. Remember, NEVER clean your coins! Silver Eagle (2004) Silver eagles are a popular way to invest in silver, and also make nice gifts. Proof condition eagles are encased in plastic and come with a government box. St. Gauden's $20 Double Eagle (1927) From 1907 to 1933, the St. Gauden Double Eagle enforced the gold standard in American currency. In 1933, production ceased when Franklin Roosevelt ordered the coins to be traded-in and replaced with paper money. Buffalo Nickel (1935) The Buffalo Nickel predates the Jefferson Nickel and is widely traded among numismatists. The coin's copper-and-nickel composition is particularly prone to wear, often leaving the date nearly indecipherable. Buffalo nickels are a popular start to a collection. Silver Bars More than just a precious metal, silver holds value thanks to a heavy industrial demand. These lustrous bars are easily handled, stacked, and stored. We handle 1 ounce, 10 ounce and 100 ounce sizes, along with 1 ounce rounds. Trading silver is made easier by the precise weights and purity measurements stamped directly into the bars.

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Greater Milwaukee Coin was founded in 1987 in Milwaukee, WI by Russ Konig, who has been in the coin business for over 50 years. A few years later, the store was moved to Brookfield, a suburb of Milwaukee. In January of 1999, our second store was opened in Waukesha, WI by Russ' son Ken Konig. Both stores have a large selection of coins and a great group of customers.

MilwaukeeCoinOwnersWe are members of a number of national coin organizations, including: The American Numismatic Association, Professional Numismatic Guild, Better Business Bureau, Central States Numismatic Society, Numismatists of Wisconsin, South Shore Coin Club, Milwaukee Numismatic Society, Waukesha Coin Club, PCGS, NGC, etc.

Russ started collecting coins as a small child, and one of his first jobs was at Polzer's coin store in Milwaukee starting in 1960. During the 1970's and early 80's, he had a thriving coin business attending shows, and supplying hobby stores with coins to sell. Then in 1987, Russ and a couple other partners started Greater Milwaukee Coin.

Ken also started collecting at a young age, and would go with Russ to hobby stores, and supply some with baseball cards to sell. During his college years, Ken spent a lot of time at the Milwaukee coin store. After college, he spent seven years in the insurance industry, helping out at the store or coin shows on weekends. Since January 1999, Ken has been running the second store in Waukesha and handling most of the internet related business.

We attend a number of rare coin shows and conventions each year around the country, especially in the Midwest. Check out our rare coin shows and conventions calendar to see the upcoming events we'll be attending.

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